August 19


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CHRIS BROWN has acknowledged his attack on RIHANNA has “damaged” the pop star for life.

Brown split from the Bajan beauty in February (09) after he assaulted her in a vicious fight that landed him a community service order and five years probation. The Umbrella hitmaker returned to the spotlight last month (Nov09), finally speaking out about how her life has changed since the altercation – and now Brown admits it’s clear how much his ex-girlfriend has struggled.

He says,

“I can see what damage it does, mentally, more than physical… I was wrong for what I did. And I would definitely say that it’s not something that I look past or look over. Something that’s really, really touchy. And, and like I said, I’m really sorry for what went down. And what happened.”

But the Kiss Kiss hitmaker insists the criticism he’s received for appearing happy and moving on with his career is unfair – because he is still deeply tormented by the incident. He adds,

“I think what it is when people see me smiling and kind of nonchalantly getting answers or, or saying things. I’m human, really, I’m like really hurting inside. And it really is devastating to me.” Brown’s comments will be aired in an interview with U.S. news show 20/20 on Friday

August 4


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JAY-Z will celebrate his 40th birthday in style on Friday (04Dec09) – with a U.S. number one single, the queen of the Grammy nominations as his wife and a reputation as one of the key cultural figures in the world.

The rapper, who scored a third week at number one with New York anthem Empire State of Mind on Thursday (03Dec09), is now one of the coolest 40-somethings on the planet and, as he celebrates his birthday with his stunning wife Beyonce, WENN would like to wish him the very best. WENN trawled through the archives and dug out 12 fascinating facts about Shawn Carter:

- Born to Gloria Carter and Adnes Reeves on 4 December, 1969, Jay-Z is the youngest of four children. – He went to the same high school as the late Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes.

- He began his music career as part of a local New York rap group called Original Flavor; he joined the crew with his childhood friend Jaz-O. – He claims to be able to count the number of women he has slept with on one hand. – Jay-Z wed his longtime love Beyonce on 4 April, 2008 in New York.

- He became the first non-athlete to have his own line of sneakers when he launched the S. Carter Collection in partnership with Reebok in 2005. – While serving as president of Def Jam from 2004 to 2007, Jay-Z successfully launched the careers of Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Kanye West and Young Jeezy. His four proteges have all gone on to earn multiple Grammy nominations; the only one who’s yet to win the prestigious prize is Jeezy.

- He became part-owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team in 2005 after paying a whopping $4.5 million (£2.81 million) for his share. He plans to move the NBA team from their current home in East Rutherford, New Jersey, to his native Brooklyn, New York by 2011.

- Jay-Z partnered with Budweiser in 2006 to serve as a brand director and oversee their TV and print campaigns.

- Jay-Z holds the record for the most number one albums in Billboard 200 chart history with 11. He surpassed Elvis Presley’s tally of 10 when The Blueprint 3 hit the top of the countdown in September (09). The only other artists who can boast the same accolade are the Beatles, who also have 11.

- Jay-Z has been nominated for an impressive 35 Grammy Awards in his career to date and has claimed eight. He has five Grammy nods for the January (10) awards.

- He is one of the big name producers behind new Broadway musical Fela!, joining forces with Hollywood couple Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. The musical celebrates the work of late Nigerian star Fela Kuti.

August 4

Lil Wayne is Peforming At The Grammy’s

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Lil Wayne has had an outstanding year. A top selling album, the voice behind the Gatorade, What’s G, commercials, and now performing at the grammy’s.

Lil Wayne leads the nominees at the 51st Grammy Awards, will join the Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, Kenny Chesney and Katy Perry onstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on 8 February (09).
Perry’s performance will be interactive – fans have been invited to post videos of themselves singing along to her I Kissed a Girl hit on the official Grammys site. Voting will determine which of them will be shown during Perry’s live segment, dubbed My Grammy Moment.

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August 3

T.I. Reality Show: Road To Redemption

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T.I Road to Redemption

T.I Road to Redemption

A TV documentary following T.I. in the final days before his incarceration has been given the greenlight by an Atlanta, Georgia judge.
The Whatever You Like hitmaker – real name Clifford Harris, Jr. – is due to begin a jail sentence this year (09) after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers following his 2007 arrest.
Cameras will follow the hip-hop star before he’s due to sit behind bars on MTV series T.I.’s Road to Redemption – on which he reportedly serves as producer and will receive royalties.
The project will show the rapper as he completes 1,000 hours of community service before returning to court in March (09).
And according to the New York Post, the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia has signed off on the project – despite a federal Son of Sam law prohibiting individuals from profiting from their crimes.
The U.S. attorney’s office spokesperson, Patrick Crosby, tells the newspaper, “If he is making money on it, it is not going to count toward his community service.”
But the rapper insists he’s not making money off the show: “I am not profiting from a crime. I would have been able to do this show with or without the crime that was committed. I am looking forward to putting all this behind me and moving forward with my life.”

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December 3


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Rapper 50 CENT struggles to find a girlfriend because he’s convinced most women are only after his multi-million dollar fortune. The hip-hop star, real name Curtis Jackson, who has boosted profits from his music career with film roles, various endorsement deals and a clothing line, admits he finds it difficult to trust potential partners because of string of bad experiences.

Jackson faced a $50 million (£34.2 million) lawsuit earlier this year (09) from his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his young son Marquise, who alleged the rapper reneged on a deal to share half of his future earnings with her. The suit was dismissed, but Jackson insists he’s now wary of new lovers. German magazine Bild quotes Jackson as saying,

"I’m single and haven’t had a girlfriend for quite a long time. It’s difficult for me to trust a woman. Men are attracted to beautiful women. Women are attracted to men who offer security – financial security. And if you have money and you are famous, women find that sexy. "You never know what she really wants. A lot of people marry without knowing the true motive of their partners. I won’t get ripped off."

January 15

Will Smith Thinks Obama Will Change The World

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Will Smith feels the same way that most other Barack Obama supporters feel, that Obama will “change the world forever”.
Will Smith has been a passionate supporter of the Barack Obama and appeared in a star-studded public service announcement advertisement to encourage people to go the polls. He was delighted to see Obama elected in November and views the historic appointment as life changing.

Smith tells British morning show GMTV,

“It’s not just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. Never before in the history of the planet has someone, a group of people, moved from the slave class of empire to be elected to the top spot.”

And Smith will always look back on the day Obama was elected with fond memories – it brought his whole family together to witness the momentous occasion. He tells the BBC,

“It’s just such a huge moment for America and for the world, it’s something I believed was real and possible for so long. I carried myself around the world in that way as if it could be true, possible, so there’s a deep truth in me that was validated on November 4th. We watched it together as a family. With my kids it was no big deal, whereas for myself and for (wife) Jada, and even more so for our parents, who lived through the struggle for equality, it was so huge, but for our kids the world is different. The worldhas changed forever. The ideas and the fibres that are created for America have never been more true than today.”

Fortunately, for Obama, President Bush has set the bar so low that improvement should be easy. The difficult part will be living up to the expectations that have been set for him and he, indirectly, set for himself. Somehow, I don’t think he is too concerned.